Our Ranch & Summer Home   46.0341° N, 99.3715° W    Ashley, North Dakota

Our Mission

Our Mission is to Raise Certified Organic, Grass Fed & Finished Beef Protein for our Families, Friends and Community.

This beef protein is produced from animals which have been raised with kindness and care under our watchful eyes. Our cattle are raised on pastures and only on pastures. These pastures on our farm grow lush from spring and summer rains which we supplement by pivot irrigation as needed.  In essence we are really grass farmers and therein lies the beauty of the system. The sun, water and soil create grass and forbs.

These grasses and forbs convert the Sun's energy into carbohydrates stored in the leaves and stems.  We plant annual grass and broadleaf crops too such as  annual winter rye, radishes, turnips, canola, peas and our favorite sudan-sorghum grasses.   This creates the green feast we call pastures.

We combine these permanent and annual pastures with rotational grazing protocols and holistic animal husbandry practices.  This assures us and ensures you.  

This years harvest animals were all heifers which we feel finish up a tad quicker than steers do.  They were all 29 months of age and averaged 1375 lbs when harvested. These heifers were pampered and fat.  Their meat marbled up very well.  Given great green feast pastures and time to grow into their frames, beef will marble on grass.     This grass finished marbling creates wonderful flavors. Think Umami!

Our beef is processed by Sturgis Meat in Sturgis, South Dakota.                               Sturgis Meat is a Certified Organic, USDA inspected facility.  It is roughly three hundred miles away from our farm and we feel fortunate to have a USDA inspected and Certifed Organic abbatoir so close.

This years crop of beef after prep was "hung on the rail" in a refrigerated, environmentally controlled locker and dry aged for 42 days.  This beef is truly "Gourmet" quality.