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Thank you for taking the time to visit our humble web page.  We hope you find within these pages the information you seek about our farm and about what we do.  We know how important and how many options are available to you in making good food choices. We are here to offer a local, certified organic, family farm choice in south Orange County.  

Here in San Juan Capistrano there is a long and rich history of farming in these valley soils so close to the sea.         The weather here on the south coast of Orange County and the alluvial soils of this unique valley combine to make a location perfectly suited to grow fruits and vegetables.  For over 200 years these valley soils have been farmed.

Our goal is for the 20 years we have been farming here is to continue that rich tradition and provide our community with the best tasting organic fruits and vegetables we can seasonally grow.  We strive to farm as good neighbors within our Community.  We love our work, our Community.  

20 Years in 2017

This spring, in 2017, we will be marking our 20 year anniversary growing certified organic fruits and vegetables in San Juan Capistrano.  Over the course of those 20 years much has changed. What has not changed is our commitment to grow the best tasting varieties of fruits and vegetables harvested at the peak of flavor and nutrition. We remain dedicated to providing delicious, nutritious fruits and vegetables for our customers, folks like us, those who enjoy eating whole food picked fresh, grown without chemicals. 

I am often asked, why do I grow organically?  The answer is always the same.  We prefer to grow food without poison, we prefer to not expose ourselves, our employees, our food, our Community to poison. Simple enough, eh?




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