We have been growing certified organic strawberries in San Juan Capistrano for 20 years.  Our commitment is to growing the sweetest fruit possible.  We patiently wait for the individual strawberries to ripen fully and only then do we harvest each berry and place it carefully in a basket. By waiting for each berry to be perfectly ripe we sacrifice yield for flavor. That is why our strawberries are delicious, red ripe and super sweet!    

This year we are growing Camarosa and Albion varieties of strawberries. Camarosa is an old favorite variety of ours and begins early in the season. It is a medium size variety with a dark red color throughout the fruit.  In early February they begin trickling in making them springs sweet, first fruit.  

Albion is a newer, day neutral type strawberry which arrives a bit later and grows large and sweet when given time to fully ripen on the vine. Albions can be super large.

Both varieties are well suited to our growing conditions here on the South Coast of Orange County. When grown and harvested with patience and care, as is our manner, these mouth watering fruits of spring are absolutely delicious.

Peak season is March through June.  We welcome you to come try our picked daily, delicious, certified organic strawberries this 2017 season.