Welcome to Week 14 of our Fall/Winter CSA quarter 01/19/17


        SCF Red Leaf Lettuce, SCF Romaine Lettuce, Red Butter Lettuce, SCF Chard                   SCF Arugula,  SCF Green Kohlrabi, SCF Purpl KohlrabI, SCF Dino Kale, SCF Italian                              Parsley, SCF Romanesco, SCF Fennel, SCF Broccoli, SCF Dill,                             CA Desert Grapefruit,  MT. MORIAH Apples

                                                      LARGE BASKETS ADD                                                            Red & Green Oriental Mix, Tangerines, Yellow Onions

This Weeks Baskets!!!

CSA members can choose to receive a regular or large size basket of seasonal organic foods once a week or bi-weekly.

A regular basket averages about 15-17 different items and costs $36.00 per basket delivered to the drop off location.  

A large basket averages 18-20 items and costs $43 per basket delivered to the drop off location. The large baskets also include more of certain items.

Members may pick up the basket from the farm at a discount of $2.00 per basket as there is no delivery costs involved or at one of our drop-off locations in select Orange County locations.

Memberships are purchased and renewed on a quarterly basis, with a one time registration fee of $15.00. New members can join our program at any time, and pay only for baskets remaining in the quarter.

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CSA baskets change seasonally. An example basket in the spring quarter might include: strawberries, chard, onions. beets, broccoli, lettuce, parsley, kale, navel oranges, lemons, apples, grapefruit, pears, potatoes, kiwi and cabbage.