U PICK: saturday july 1 & sunday july 2   

9 am  - 4 pm 


The weather cooled off, it rained, the mites went away and the strawberries have made a comeback. 

As a result we are opening our fields for  more u picks!!

spread the word as this could be our last you pick of the season and you  last chance to pick your own berries.  

Thank you everyone for the support this season.


We supply the baskets and or bags for picking.

You are welcome to bring your own containers also.

Water in a cup is available.   

Berries are $3.00 per pound!  Our berries are certified organic and have not been sprayed with anything ever. These are the safest, most nutritious strawberries you could pick for your you and your family.  We also think and our customers agree, our strawberries are delicious!

Please bring water, wear sturdy shoes, bring a hat, sunscreen and a smile!