As less and less land is dedicated to farming in Orange County, less and less people who now call Orange County home know about our strawberry farming history here in Orange County. In fact, most people probably do not even know where the strawberry fruit in the super market box stores originated in the field.

Which is why we have decided to dedicate days in our fields our fields to U Pick.

What a better way to learn about strawberry fruit than to visit a farm, walk the strawberry fields and pick your own fruit!

This season we are expanding are U pick operation to more days per week so more people can enjoy the fruits of their labor.

When you pick strawberries from our fields you can be assured you are harvesting certified organic fruit.  Even more reassuring is the fact we spray no chemicals on our fields, not even approved organic pesticides or fungicides.

A few hours spent on the farm with friends and family can yield a bountiful harvest of delicious berries and provide hours of work when you get home too.    After all, making home made jam or freezing berries for smoothies to be made later is a great way to preserve those hard earned fruits of labor.

At the U pick in our fields we provide pint baskets and or bags to place the fruit in as U Pick.  The berries are weighed and sold at $4.00 lb.  

We hope you can plan to enjoy a few moments in your busy lives to stop by our certified organic strawberry fields and pick some berries to enjoy fresh, frozen or preserved.  

Thank you for your support!

Farmer George and Rebecca